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Assessment Report of Costa Rica's Food Safety Control System for Fresh Fruit
4.0 Background

Costa Rica's FF industry consists of operations that range in size, complexity, and capacity. Nearly half (48.472%) of the farms in Costa Rica are less than 5 acres in size while fewer than 5% of farms are larger than 100 acres. Farms may be independent operations that service only the local area or, large multi-national companies which trade internationally. All locations observed had reliable basic services (electricity, running water etc.). Some of the larger operations offer on-site health and social services, for their employees. Several operations also run well-developed environmental programs which demonstrate their strong commitment to the environment and, community-oriented programs which are designed to improve the health and economic status of their communities.

Costa Rica's main FF export crops are pineapple and bananas which are produced year round. Other FF crops are seasonal. Costa Rica's main exporting market for FF is the United States of America (USA) and the European Union (EU).

FF is typically imported into Canada from Costa Rica either directly or via the United States. The key FF products Canada imports from Costa Rica include pineapples, bananas, and melons Footnote 2. Fifty-five (55) % of Costa Rica's papaya production is exported directly to Canada.

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