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Assessment Report of Costa Rica's Food Safety Control System for Fresh Fruit
2.0 Assessment objective, scope and methodology

The key elements of the assessment included:

2.1 Methodology

The assessment was comprised of three phases.

  • Phase I – A desk review of information provided to CFIA through Costa Rica's response to the Canadian Assessment Standards (CAS) tool.
  • Phase II - An on-site visit to observe the implementation of the food safety requirements by the government bodies.
  • Phase III - Drafting of the assessment report to summarize the assessment team's understanding of the food safety requirements by the government bodies and to highlight opportunities to further strengthen the system.

2.2 Assessment scope summary

The visit focused on primary producers and packers of FF. The number and variety of units visited provided a representative sample of commodities, diversity in size, complexity, and geographical location to allow the team to draw an unbiased conclusion about the implementation of the system as a whole. In addition, the assessment team met with the CAs and laboratories as outlined in Table 1.

Table 1: Summary of sites visited
Site Number Locations
Competent Authority 2 San Jose
Farms 3 Various locations
Packers/Exporters Table Note 1 3 Various locations
Laboratories 3 San Jose

Table Notes

Table Note 1

Note: Farms and packing facilities were co-located

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