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Assessment Report of Costa Rica's Food Safety Control System for Fresh Fruit
Executive summary

This report summarizes observations and recommendations made during the 2018 on-site assessment of Costa Rica's government oversight of food safety controls for fresh fruit by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

The main objective of the assessment was to increase CFIA's understanding of Costa Rica's food safety system as it relates to fresh fruit and, to verify its implementation.

The assessment was conducted from February 26 to March 9, 2018 at various sites in 4 provinces in Costa Rica which included: meetings with the key competent authorities responsible for the food safety of fresh fruit (the Ministry of Health; MOH and the Ministry of Agriculture; MAG), 3 farms, 3 packing facilities and 3 laboratories.

The assessment determined that Costa Rica has established general food safety requirements for the production, packaging, and exportation of fresh fruit including Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). These requirements provide an environment for the production of fresh fruit under sanitary conditions. The current programs are implemented by well-trained, competent people who are dedicated to their work.

This report provides several recommendations which highlight opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of current requirements.

The observations and recommendations contained in this report are based on information provided to the assessment team through the Canadian Assessment Standards tool, personal interviews, and on-site observation. They represent the collective understanding of the members of the assessment team.

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