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2011-2012 Undeclared Egg in Pasta


The Food Safety Action Plan (FSAP) aims to modernize and enhance Canada's food safety system. As part of the FSAP enhanced surveillance initiative, targeted surveys are used to evaluate various foods for specific hazards.

Egg may be used as an ingredient in pasta, in particular egg pastas. Egg may also be present in a pasta product through cross contact, for example from sharing production lines or equipment with a pasta containing egg.

The main objectives of the undeclared egg in pasta survey were:

A total of 295 pasta products were analysed for the presence of egg. Of 28 samples that had a precautionary statement for egg on the label, one sample was positive for egg. Of 267 samples that had no precautionary statement for egg on the label, 6 samples were positive for egg. All positive results were followed up by the CFIA. Follow up action may involve a food safety investigation, including a health risk assessment conducted by Health Canada and a recall or one of the following: notification of manufacturer/importer and/or additional sampling.

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