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A Guide to Identifying Food Products Affected by the Proposed Imported Food Sector Product Regulations
Glossary of Terms

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Agricultural Product
(Canada Agricultural Products Act):
  1. An animal, a plant or an animal or plant product,
  2. A product, including any food or drink, wholly or partly derived from an animal or a plant, or
  3. A product prescribed for the purposes of [the] Act
(Meat Inspection Act): Any animal in the class of mammals or birds and includes any other animal that is prescribed for the purposes of this Act or that falls within a class of animals prescribed for those purposes.
(Food and Drug Regulations, Division 14: Meat): Any animal used as food, but does not include marine and fresh water animals.
(Fish Inspection Regulations): All species of the class Crustacea.
Dairy Product
(Dairy Products Regulations): Milk or a product thereof, whether alone or combined with another agricultural product, that contains no oil or fat other than that of milk (see Milk definitions in this glossary).
(Egg Regulations): An egg of the domestic hen.
(Processed Egg Regulations): An egg of a domestic hen belonging to the species Gallus domesticus or of a domestic turkey belonging to the species Meleagris gallopavo, but does not include an ovum.
Egg Product
(Processed Egg Regulations): A dried, frozen or liquid food that contains at least 50% by weight of frozen egg, frozen egg mix, liquid egg, liquid egg mix, dried egg or dried egg mix.
(Fish Inspection Act): Any fish, including shellfish and crustaceans, and marine animals, and any parts, products or by-products thereof.
(Food and Drugs Act): Includes any article manufactured, sold or represented for use as food or drink for human beings, chewing gum, and any ingredien
Hermetically Sealed Container
(Food and Drugs Regulations; Processed Products Regulations): Means a container that is designed and intended to be secure against the entry of microorganisms, including spores.
(Honey Regulations): Means the food derived from the nectar of blossoms or from secretions of or on the living parts of plants by the work of honey bees.
(Food and Drug Regulations): A person who is under the age of one year.
Maple Product
(Maple Products Regulations): Any product obtained exclusively by the concentration of maple sap or maple syrup, excluding any substitute.
Maple Sap
(Maple Products Regulations): The sap obtained exclusively from trees of the botanical genus Acer.
Maple Syrup
(Maple Products Regulations): The syrup obtained by the concentration of maple sap or by the dilution or solution of a maple product, other than maple sap, in potable water.
Marine Plant
(Fish Inspection Act): Includes Irish moss, kelp and other salt water plants, and any products or by-products thereof.
(Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990): The edible part of a carcass that is the muscle associated with the skeleton, tongue, diaphragm, heart, gizzard or mammalian oesophagus, with or without accompanying and overlying fat, together with those parts of the bones, skin, sinews, nerves, blood vessels and other tissues that normally accompany the muscle and are not ordinarily removed in dressing a carcass, but does not include the muscle associated with the lips, snout, scalp or ears, mechanically separated meat or meat to which an ingredient other than meat has been added.
Meat Product
(Meat Inspection Act):
  1. A carcass,
  2. The blood of an animal or a product or by-product of a carcass, or
  3. A product containing anything described in paragraph (b)
(Dairy Regulations): As used in the manufacture of dairy products, means the normal lacteal secretion, free from colostrum, obtained from the mammary gland of an animal.
(Food and Drug Regulations): The normal lacteal secretion obtained from the mammary gland of the cow, genus Bos; [plus fortification from vitamin D]
(Processed Products Regulations): With respect to a food product, canned, cooked, frozen, concentrated, pickled or otherwise prepared to assure preservation of the food product in transport, distribution and storage, but does not include the final cooking or preparation of a food product for use as a meal or part of a meal such as may be done by restaurants, hospitals, food centres, catering establishments, central kitchens or similar establishments where food products are prepared for consumption rather than for extended preservation.
Processed egg
(Processed Egg Regulations): Frozen egg, frozen egg mix, liquid egg, liquid egg mix, dried egg, dried egg mix and egg product.
(Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act): Includes
  1. offer for sale, expose for sale and have in possession for sale, and
  2. display in such manner as to lead to a reasonable belief that the substance or product so displayed is intended for sale.
(Food and Drugs Act): Includes offer for sale, expose for sale, have in possession for sale and distribute, whether or not the distribution is made for consideration.
(Fish Inspection Regulations): All species of bivalve molluscs of the class Bivalvia and all marine, carnivorous species of the class Gastropoda, either shucked or in the shell, in whole or in part, excluding the adductor muscles of scallops and the meat of geoducks.
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