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Canadian Shellfish Sanitation program – Manual of Operations
Chapter 8 - Repacking and Reshipping

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Each registered facility must consider, and where applicable, incorporate the following components in the development and implementation of their Quality Management Program.

8.1 Repacking

A repacker is a shipper, other than the original certified shucker-packer who repacks shucked shellfish into other containers. A repacker may also repack and ship shellstock. A repacker shall not shuck shellfish.

A repacking establishment shall be registered in accordance with the appropriate requirements of the Fish Inspection Regulations. The establishment shall meet the additional criteria specified in Chapter 6 (section 6.3) of this manual when repacking shellfish meats for the U.S. market and those set out in Chapter 7 when shipping shellstock.

8.2 Reshipping

A reshipper is one who tranships shucked shellfish in original containers, or shellstock from certified shippers to other dealers or to final consumers. Reshippers are not authorized to shuck or repack shellfish.

Reshippers shall comply with all applicable requirements of Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 of this manual.

8.3 Repacking and Relabelling Shellstock

a) Only clean and wholesome shellfish shall be repacked or reshipped.

b) Shellstock repacking facilities shall meet the requirements of Section 7.2 b) of Chapter 7.

c) Shellstock from different lots shall not be commingled during repacking or reshipping.

d) Sacks, boxes, and other shellstock packing containers shall be new, clean and fabricated from approved materials. Packaging materials used for direct contact with shellstock shall be those contained in the Reference Listing of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products published by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Materials such as seaweed and newspaper are not permitted.

e) Repackaged shellstock shall be labelled in a manner as described in section 7.3 of chapter 7.

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