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Archived - Dairy Establishment Inspection Manual – Chapter 3 - Registration of Establishments
3.4 Types of Registration

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1) New Registrations:

Persons wishing to become registered for the first time must submit a complete registration package, including an Application for Registration of an Establishment (CFIA/ACIA 3043), the Dairy Plant Information and Registration of an Establishment Record, validation of volume of milk the establishment will receive or production output during the 12 months following the date of application along with the applicable fee prescribed by the Dairy Product Fees Order and all the documentation described in section 3.5. It is recommended that a discussion of registration requirements take place with a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspector and/or Program Specialist before any plans are finalized.

2) Changes to an Existing Registration

  1. Dairy establishments already registered with the CFIA planning to undertake any extensions or modifications to the existing structure are to submit an Application for Registration of an Establishment checking off the Revision box under Type of Application. The application must include the necessary documents to fully describe and meet the requirements for the changes planned (Section 11.1(29) of the Dairy Products Regulations). Some examples of modifications that would require a registration revision would include: changes to the boundaries of the registered premises or building additions; changes to the product flow and/or personnel traffic flow in the establishment; changes to air flow; changes to the critical process equipment; changes to the activities (and products being produced) in the establishment. Any other changes, not affecting the above and not affecting the environmental risk, should be dealt with by the local inspector and documented in the plant file.
  2. When an application is made in respect of a change in name, an amended Application for Registration of an Establishment form is to be submitted along with legal documents supporting the change of name. A new registration certificate will be issued.

3) Change of Ownership (registration is not transferable)

A change of ownership (operator) of a registered dairy establishment will require that the new owner (purchaser) submit a full application package. The purchaser is strongly advised to seek information regarding the state of compliance of the establishment before assuming ownership. Relevant information in this regard may be obtained from the appropriate Area Program Specialist. Before releasing the above information to a third party, the Area Program Specialist will obtain written consent from the owner/operator. Any outstanding action plans must be reviewed prior to registration. It is not the intent to suspend registration when a change in ownership occurs, but it also does not mean automatic registration of the new plant. An assessment needs to be completed prior to registration. Although some tasks may be discretionary, the intent is to have all the regulatory requirements met prior to registration (refer to the tasks listed in Appendix 3 - 4). So as not to impede the registration process, in some cases it may be acceptable for the new owner to assume the responsibility of the outstanding action plan depending on the non-compliant tasks. In order to confirm their intention to correct, this action plan must be signed by the new owner.

In addition, if a registered establishment should go into receivership it can no longer operate under its registration. The receiver would have to apply for registration in order to resume operation of the establishment.

4) Multi-commodity Registration

Requests for handling and processing multiple commodities in the same facility as the dairy processing operation will be dealt with on an individual basis by submission through the Network Specialist (or designate). The risk to the dairy operation would have to be assessed before allowing this to occur.

Under the Dairy Products Regulations, the registration of an establishment is given for the structure for which there can be only one registration. There cannot be two dairy registrations issued for the same structure.

In all cases, until advised of the acceptability of plans and specifications, it is important that the applicant refrains from acquiring property or undertaking construction or renovations. Failure to observe this recommendation may result in unnecessary expense and inconvenience to the applicant.

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