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Mother of vinegar

Occasionally, you may find a gelatinous disc in your bottle of vinegar. This is called mother of vinegar. Although it may look unappealing, it is completely harmless.

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How mother of vinegar occurs

Mother of vinegar is a biofilm formed by bacteria that turn alcohol into acetic acid (primary ingredient of vinegar) when exposed to oxygen.

Mother of vinegar can occur in store-bought vinegar if there is non-fermented sugar and/or alcohol contained in the vinegar. It is more common in unpasteurized vinegar.

Product safety

Although mother of vinegar looks unappealing, it does not pose a health risk. The vinegar can still be used.

What to do if you find mother of vinegar

If you want to remove the mother of vinegar, you can filter it out by using a coffee filter. The vinegar can still be used.

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