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Brine in ice pops

Occasionally, you may find that your ice pop has a chemical taste that may be accompanied by a burning sensation in your mouth. This is due to the brine that may be in your ice pop.

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How brine in ice pops occurs

When ice pops are manufactured, part of the process involves placing the molds in a tank with water containing calcium chloride (salt brine) that accelerates the freezing of the ice pops. The brine can enter into the ice pops through pinhole leaks in the mold or by brine splashing into the mold. A vacuum pump removes any remaining liquid on the frozen surface, but occasionally, some of the liquid may not be completely removed, leading to the chemical taste.

Product safety

Eating brine in ice pops might taste unpleasant and lead to minor digestive symptoms, but it does not pose a health risk.

What to do if you find brine in ice pops

If you find brine in ice pops, you may throw them out or return them to the store where they were purchased.

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