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Labelling requirements for shell eggs
Country of origin

The country of origin is required on all labels of imported prepackaged shell eggs and must be declared as "Product of" and "produit de", followed by the name of the country of origin [256(1), SFCR].

The manner of declaring is as follows:

The location and minimum type size requirements of the country of origin on a shell egg container
Tray with an overwrap or an egg carton Container, other than a tray with an overwrap or an egg carton
Location Top or side of tray or egg carton [256(2)(a), SFCR] Any part of the label other than solely on the bottom of the container [245(2) and (3), SFCR]
Minimum type size 1.5 mm in height [256(2)(a), SFCR] 6 mm in height [256(2)(b), SFCR]


In the SFCR, country of origin is referred to as foreign state (definition) of origin.

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