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Organic claims on food labels
Non permitted claims

100% organic or 100% organic (product name)

The "100% organic (product name)" claim is not permitted in Canada. All products with an organic content of 95% or greater are considered organic and may be labelled with the word "organic".

Certified organic

All organic products, under the Canada Organic Regime, must be certified by a CFIA-accredited certification body. Therefore, the claim "certified organic" is considered misleading, as it implies to consumers that products not bearing this claim are not certified.

Exception: the statement "Certified by" or "Certified organic by" immediately followed by the name of the certification body, or as part of the certification body logo, is acceptable as it denotes who has certified the product.

Made with organic ingredients

The claims "made with organic ingredients" or "made with organic (naming the ingredient)" are not acceptable as it is not clear how much of the product is made with organic ingredients. Products with 70-95% organic content must declare the percentage of organic content on their label. Products with less than 70% organic content may only indicate which ingredients are organic in the ingredients list.

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