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Nutrition Facts table formats
Formats for specific packaging cases

Small packages < 100 cm2 available display surface

Small packages with an available display surface (ADS) of <100 cm2 need not carry a Nutrition Facts table (NFt) on the label provided that an indication is present on the outer label indicating how the consumer or purchaser may obtain the nutrition information [B.01.467(1), FDR]. There are several requirements which the statement must meet. Refer to the Manner of declaring the statement section for more information.

Losing the < 100 cm2 ADS exemption

There are several scenarios in which this small package NFt exemption does not apply and the package is required to carry a NFt [B.01.467(2), FDR]. These scenarios are covered in Reasons for losing the nutrition labelling exemption, with one exception: ground meat, ground meat by-products, ground poultry meat and ground poultry meat by-products may still retain this small package NFt exemption.

When the exemption is lost, the NFt need only include:

  • the serving size
  • Calories and any of the core nutrients that cannot be expressed as "0"
  • any nutrient that is the subject of a representation, and
  • any sugar alcohol, vitamin or mineral nutrient that is added to the product [B.01.468(1), FDR]

Alternate methods of presentation (for example, tag, package insert, inner label, a fold-out label, an outer sleeve, overwrap or collar) may be used. However, the format hierarchy must permit that option.

Note: Exemptions from bilingual labelling exist for local foods, test market foods and specialty foods [B.01.012(3) and (7), FDR].

Never losing the < 100 cm2 ADS exemption

The NFt exemption for small packages with an ADS of < 100 cm2 also applies to a product containing added acesulfame-potassium, aspartame, neotame or sucralose that qualifies for a "sugar-free" claim, when the following conditions are met [B.01.467(2.1), FDR]:

  • the product does not contain an added vitamin or mineral nutrient
  • the Calories and the amount of sugar alcohols are shown following the list of ingredients
  • The "sugar-free" claim or the common name that includes the term "sugar-free" must be legibly set out on the principal display panel, using mixed case lettering and appear in type size no less than that of the net quantity, and with sufficient contrast between the text and the background

Manner of declaring the statement

The statement indicating how the nutrition information may be obtained must satisfy several requirements [B.01.467(3), FDR]:

  • the print type size of the statement must not be less than 8 points
  • the statement must include a postal address or a toll-free telephone number, and
  • the statement must be declared in both French and English

The manufacturer of the prepackaged product must provide nutrition information upon request [B.01.467(4), FDR]:

  • without charge, and
  • in French or English, or both languages as requested

The manufacturer must also ensure that:

  • the Nutrition Facts table is in a format that would otherwise be used on the label in accordance with the regulations (as specified in sections B.01.454 to B.01.459 and B.01.461 to B.01.464 of the FDR). For example, a standard format is suitable to provide nutrition information based on one serving of food as sold
  • horizontal or linear formats are not used
  • the largest version (size) of an appropriate format listed in the top level of the decision trees is used (for example, figures 1.1, 2.1, 3.1), and
  • the Nutrition Facts table conforms to all requirements of the regulations, for example, content, format

Retail packages ≥ 200 cm2 available display surface

A product sold only in the retail establishment where it is packaged, when the package has an available display surface (ADS) of 200 cm2 or more and is labelled with a sticker, is not exempt from declaring an NFt.

  • For products using standard formats (that is, providing nutrition information for one serving of food as sold), one of the following Nutrition Facts tables must be used: standard (figures 1.1 to 1.3), narrow standard (figures 2.1 to 2.3) or the bilingual standard (figures 3.1 to 3.3) [B.01.454(5), FDR]
  • When products qualify to use simplified formats (products that may declare "0" for 6 or more of Calories and core nutrients), the retailer has the option of using one of the following Nutrition Facts tables: simplified standard (figures 5.1 to 5.3) or the bilingual simplified standard (figures 6.1 to 6.3) [B.01.455(4), FDR]
  • For single-serving prepackaged products, other than prepackaged meals, using the simplified format – single-serving prepackaged products, one of the following Nutrition Facts tables must be used: bilingual simplified standard (figures 6.1.1 to 6.3.1)
  • For products that display an aggregate or dual format, the retailer must choose the version of the applicable format based on the ADS of the package
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