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Foods always exempt from carrying a Nutrition Facts table

The following prepackaged products are always exempt from displaying a Nutrition Facts table (NFt), and cannot lose their exemption [B.01.401(2)(c), FDR]. This applies if the product is:

1. A fresh vegetable or fruit or any combination of fresh vegetables or fruits without any added ingredients, an orange with added food colour or a fresh vegetable or fruit coated with mineral oil, paraffin wax, petrolatum or any other protective coating [B.01.401(2)(c)(i), FDR]

These include:

2. A prepackaged individual portion of food that is solely intended to be served by a restaurant or other commercial enterprise with meals or snacks [B.01.401(2)(c)(ii), FDR]

Examples: individually portioned crackers served with soup or creamers served with a cup of coffee.

3. Milk, partly skimmed milk, skim milk, goat's milk, partly skimmed goat's milk, skimmed goat's milk, (naming the flavour) milk, (naming the flavour) partly skimmed milk, (naming the flavour) skim milk or cream sold in refillable glass container [B.01.401(2)(c)(iii), FDR]

In addition to the exemptions listed above, when the label of a prepackaged product has an available display surface (ADS) of less than 15 cm square (cm2), it is exempt from carrying a Nutrition Facts table [B.01.469, FDR]. Prepackaged foods with an ADS of less than 15 cm2 never lose this exemption. This exemption applies to one-bite confections (for example, small individually wrapped candies, mints), as well as multiple-serving prepackaged products with an ADS < 15 cm2, such as very small packages of gum containing two to four pieces of gum, rolls of hard candy, and small packages of mints.

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