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Definitions: nutrient content claims
Similar reference food

"Similar reference food" means a food of the same type as the food to which it is compared and that has not been processed, formulated, reformulated or otherwise modified in a manner that increases or decreases either the energy value, or the amount of a nutrient that is the subject of the comparison. For example, whole milk is a similar reference food for partly skimmed milk; regular cola is a similar reference food for calorie-reduced cola; regular chocolate chip cookies are a similar reference food for fat-reduced chocolate chip cookies [B.01.500, FDR].

Similar reference foods are useful for comparing a "regular" product with a product that has had its nutritional content intentionally increased or decreased, e.g., "more energy", "more protein", "more fibre", "reduced in energy" and "reduced in sugars". For example, the fat content of skim milk (which has had most of the fat removed) can be compared to the fat content of whole milk.

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