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Labelling requirements for meat and poultry products
Country of origin – Meat and poultry products

The words "Product of" / "produit de", followed by the name of the country of origin, must be declared on the label of an imported meat product (definition) in close proximity (definition) to the product's common name and in characters that are at least 1.6 mm in height, or 0.8 mm in height if the area of the principal display surface is 10 cm2 or less [210(2) and (3), 297(1) and (2), SFCR].

This applies whether or not the imported meat product is subsequently packaged or labelled in Canada without being manufactured or prepared in Canada [297(3), SFCR].

When the country of origin appears on a graded consumer prepackaged (definition) poultry carcass that is dressed or partially dressed, it must be shown in the same colour as the grade name [298, SFCR].

Country of origin declaration must be shown in:

Note: In the SFCR, country of origin is referred to as foreign state (definition) of origin.

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