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Health claims on food labels

A health claim is any representation in labelling or advertising that states, suggests, or implies that a relationship exists between the consumption of a food and health.

All aspects of food labels and advertisements contribute to the overall impression made by a food product, including health claims. For this reason, health claims are also subject to the General Principles for Labelling and Advertising.

Some health claims are also subject to other specific requirements. For example some of them require a premarket approval before their use. There are different types of health claims, all of which highlight the link between a food or a constituent of a food and health. The specific requirements for each type of health claim will be elaborated on in their respective sections below.

As there are many different types of health claims, it is important to determine the appropriate requirements related to the specific type of health claim being made. Steps have been developed with some questions and links to further information to help you find the appropriate requirements for the claim being made.

Note: Nutrient content claims are another type of voluntary nutrition related claim. For more information on their specific requirements, refer to Nutrient Content Claims.

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