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Labelling requirements for foods for special dietary use
Formulated liquid diets

A formulated liquid diet is required to be a complete substitute for the total diet in meeting the nutritional requirements of a person [B.24.101, FDR]. Therefore, formulated liquid diets have detailed and explicit compositional requirements and labelling requirements [B.24.102, B.24.103, FDR]. Formulated liquid diets cannot be advertised to the general public and are not to be confused with infant formula [B.24.100, FDR].


All formulated liquid diet products must have a statement on their label indicating that the food is to be consumed orally or by tube feeding [B.24.103(a), FDR].

Nutrient content declaration - formulated liquid diets

The label of formulated liquid diets must have a statement indicating per 100 grams or 100 milliliters of the food as offered for sale and per unit of ready-to-serve food:

  • the content of protein or protein equivalent, fat, linoleic acid, available carbohydrate and, where present, crude fibre, in grams;
  • the energy value in Calories;
  • the amount of vitamins and mineral nutrients listed in the table to section B.24.102 of the FDR, in International Units, milligrams or micrograms, as applicable;
  • the amount of vitamins or mineral nutrients not listed in the table to section B.24.102 of the FDR, in milligrams or micrograms [B.24.103(b) to (e), FDR].

Directions for preparation, use and storage

Complete directions for the preparation and use of the food and for its storage after the container has been opened must be present on the label of formulated liquid diets [B.24.103(f), FDR].

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