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Food composition and quality claims

Common name

When used in reference to a food, means:

  • the name of the food printed in boldface type, but not in italics, in the Food and Drug Regulations;
  • the name printed in bold face type, but not in italics, in the Canadian Standards of Identity document or in the Common Names for Prepackaged Fish document incorporated by reference (IbR) in the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations; or
  • when not prescribed by regulation, the name by which the food is commonly known or that identifies its function [1, SFCR; B.01.001(1), FDR].

Grade name

Means a prescribed name, mark or designation of a food commodity [2, SFCA].

Negative claim

A statement about:

  • the absence of a particular ingredient, substance or class of substances in a food because the substance is not inherent to the food;
  • a substance that is not present in the food either through direct addition or through carry-over; or
  • a substance that has been removed from the final food.
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