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Allergen labelling tips for the food industry

Food allergens, sulphites, and gluten sources can pose serious health problems for some consumers, sometimes even causing death. Food manufacturers and importers must ensure that their products are labelled properly so consumers can make safe food choices.

You can reduce incidents of illness and impacts on your company, such as food recalls, caused by undeclared allergens by:

Tips to prevent undeclared allergens


By identifying all potential sources of allergens, you can manage how they are used in food products and prevent cross-contamination. Here are a few ways to identify allergens at your facility or in the products you import:

Prevent and control

Having an allergen prevention and control plan can help prevent cross-contamination and mislabelling of food products. Here are a few ways to prevent and control allergens:


Proper allergen labelling is the only way consumers with food allergies and sensitivities can know if a food is safe for them to eat. It is your responsibility to ensure that food products are properly labelled. Here are a few ways to ensure that you are declaring all allergens:

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