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Best before dates

Past the best before date? Check it out before you chuck it out.

Don't throw out food just because it's past the best before date!

Best before dates and expiration dates are not the same:

What's the tea on best before dates?

  • You can check it out before you chuck it out
  • They help you know how long food has been in your fridge
  • They give you a point of reference
  • They can help you save money at the grocery store
  • They make it easier for industry to keep tabs on the foods they produce
  • The data shows Canadians want them to stay

Learn more about best before dates

Best before dates are different from expiry dates

Understand the various date labels on your food

There are different kinds of date labels, depending on the product. The most common ones are best before dates and expiration dates. Understanding the different dates on your food can help you make informed decisions about what you buy and consume.

How date labels can help you save money and avoid food waste

3 facts that can save you money

You reach into the fridge and notice that the unopened container of sour cream has passed the best-before date. Should you automatically toss it in the garbage? Not necessarily.

Use these tips to make the most of your groceries and waste less food at home.

4 ways you can cut back on food waste

Given the cost of food, it's important to avoid throwing out items unnecessarily.

Follow these simple tips to reduce food waste.

Listen to a labelling expert explain the dates on our foods

You've finally gathered the courage to clean up your fridge or pantry, but how do you know what to keep or chuck? In this podcast, labelling expert Laura Reid and Sophie Langlois-Blouin, Vice-President of RECYC Québec, talk about date labels and food waste in Canada.

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