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Labelling requirements for prepackaged water and ice
Common name - water and ice

Mineral or spring water

Prepackaged potable water obtained from an underground source other than a public community water supply and that meets the prescribed standard for water represented as spring or mineral water may be labelled with the common name "Mineral Water" or "Spring Water" [B.12.001, FDR]. While mineral water generally contains a larger amount of dissolved minerals than spring water, these two terms can be used interchangeably.

Carbonated mineral or spring water

Mineral or Spring Water containing added carbon dioxide is required to be labelled with the term "Carbonated" as part of the common name on the principal display panel (definition) when the added carbon dioxide [B.12.003, FDR]:

  • did not originate from the decarbonation of the water upon its emergence from the underground source (definition); or
  • is at a level greater than the naturally occurring level, prior to the water emergence from the underground source.

For information on spring or mineral water containing carbon dioxide that originated from and is present in the same amount as in the underground source, refer to Naturally Carbonated, Sparkling.


Acceptable common names for water not meeting the standard for Mineral Water or Spring Water are "Water", "Bottled Water", "Table Water" or other similar terms.

Prepackaged water is required to be labelled as [B.12.006(a), FDR]:

  • "Distilled Water" when it has been treated with vaporization and condensation;
  • "Demineralized Water" when it has had its mineral content reduced to less than 10 parts per million by means other than distillation; and
  • "Carbonated Water" when it contains added carbon dioxide.

Water, mineral water or spring water with added ingredients

Water, Mineral Water or Spring Water to which other ingredients such as flavours have been added are considered unstandardized foods and must be labelled with an appropriate common name to describe how the food is different from the prepackaged waters described in the FDR. Examples: "Berry Flavoured Spring Water", "Carbonated Water with Cherry Flavour", and "Water with added Lemon Juice". Water with added mineral salts may be labelled as "Water Flavoured with Mineral Salts" or "Mineralized Water".

Refer to Common Name for more information.

Water blends

Water, mineral water and spring water from different sources are permitted to be blended. "Mineral Water / Eau minérale" and "Spring Water / Eau de source" may be used as part of the common name provided that:

  • The common name indicates the product is a blend; and
  • The mineral water or spring water meet the standard as prescribed in B.12.001 of the FDR prior to blending and the water product has not subsequently been subjected to modifications or treatments not permitted by the standard; and
  • The quantity of mineral water and spring water are presented in a way that would not mislead the consumer about the composition, for example, by using an accompanying statement declaring the amount of mineral or spring water in the product.
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