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Organic claims on food labels

Canada organic regime

The Government of Canada's regulated system for organic products.


As defined in section 2 of the Feeds Act, "feed" means any substance or mixture of substances containing amino acids, anti-oxidants, carbohydrates, condiments, enzymes, fats, minerals, non-protein nitrogen products, proteins or vitamins, or pelletizing, colouring, foaming or flavouring agents and any other substance manufactured, sold or represented for use

  • (a) for consumption by livestock,
  • (b) for providing the nutritional requirements of livestock, or
  • (c) for the purpose of preventing or correcting nutritional disorders of livestock,

or any substance for use in any such substance or mixture of substances.

For the purposes of Part 13 of the SFCR, to regulate organic products, livestock also includes livestock that is an aquaculture product.

Organic product

A food commodity that has been certified as organic under subsection 345(1) of the SFCR or certified as organic by an entity accredited by a foreign state that is referred to in subparagraph 357(1)(a)(ii) of the SFCR [1, SFCR].


As defined in section 2 of the Seeds Act, "seed" means any plant part of any species belonging to the plant kingdom, represented, sold or used to grow a plant.

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