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Organic claims on food labels
Canada organic regime

Imported or interprovincially traded products making an organic claim must be certified under the Canada Organic Regime (definition).

This includes products that:

To be certified, operators must have their products certified by a CFIA-accredited certification body [Part 13, Division 4, SFCR] and develop an organic production system based on the Canadian Organic Standards, as applicable.

For more information on the Canada Organic Regime or to find the list of CFIA-accredited certification bodies, please refer to the Canada Organic Regime webpage.

Imported organic products

Organic agriculture products imported from countries with whom Canada has established an equivalency arrangement must be certified to the terms of the arrangement. These products must be certified by a certification body accredited by that foreign country and recognized by Canada under the arrangement. These products may bear the Canada organic logo. Like all other food products, imported organic products must meet Canadian labelling requirements, including those of Part 13 of the SFCR.

Organic aquaculture products are not within the scope of Canada's current equivalency arrangements with other countries for organic products. The future inclusion of aquaculture products may be considered through assessments and negotiations.

For more information on equivalency arrangements please refer to the Equivalence Arrangements webpage.

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