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Specific nutrient content claim requirements
How to use the claims tables

The tables in this section list the nutrient content claims permitted for foods. In order for a nutrient content claim to be made:

The claims tables in this chapter differ from the table following B.01.513 in the FDR in the presentation of information. The differences are explained using the excerpt below from Summary table of energy and calorie claims.

Example summary table
Column 1
Column 2
Conditions - Food
Column 3
Conditions - Label or advertisement
Column 4

a) Free of energy
"free of energy"
"no energy"
"0 energy"
"zero energy"
"without energy"
"contains no energy"
"free of Calories"
"no Calories"
"0 Calories"
"zero Calories"
"without Calories"
"contains no Calories"

The food provides less than 5 Calories or 21 kilojoules per reference amount and serving of stated size.

Must comply with requirements and conditions for making a nutrient content claim.

Nutrition Facts table is required on Foods usually exempt from displaying a Nutrition Facts table by B.01.401(2)(a) and (b) of the FDR [B.01.401(3)(e)(ii), FDR].

When used in an advertisement, must comply with the Advertising requirements for nutrient content claims.

All other applicable requirements must be met.


Table following B.01.513, item 1

Column 1: "Claims" - lists the claims that are permitted to describe a product as "Free of energy"

Column 1 is a combination of both column 1 and column 4 of the table to B.01.513 in the FDR. Column 1 specifies the claims that can be made. The titles in bold print are the subjects from column 1 of the table following B.01.513 and are used so that references to the table can be easily made. The claims in quotation marks come from Column 4 of the table following B.01.513. Only the claims indicated in quotations may be used and they must be worded exactly as indicated. Where there are a number of claims in quotes, any of them can be used.

For some nutrients, additional permitted references to the nutrient content of the foods are also shown in column 1. These references are not prescribed in the table following B.01.513 so have not been bolded and are not in quotations. There may be some flexibility in their wording. For example, "sweetened" is a permitted claim, although there are no prescribed criteria for its use.

Column 2: "Conditions - Food" - specifies the compositional criteria required of foods making a claim set out in column 1

In this case, it specifies that foods making one of the listed Free of energy claims must provide less than 5 Calories or 21 kilojoules per reference amount and serving of stated size.

Column 2 is identical to column 2 of the table following B.01.513. The compositional criteria is based on the reference amount and/or serving of stated size of a food, which are linked to the Information within the Nutrition Facts table section.

Column 3: "Conditions - Label or advertisement" - sets out any labelling or advertising requirements for products making claims permitted in column 1.

This includes the same information provided by column 3 of the table following B.01.513, as well as other pertinent information.

Column 3, in this case, does not set out any specific labelling requirements for the claim Free of energy. However, it does state the following references:

Column 4 - provides references to the relevant sections in the Food and Drug Regulations.

Note: Links to relevant sections and/or definitions are included the first time the words appear in a table.

Claim categories

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