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Method of production claims on food labels
Method of production claims for fresh fruits and vegetables

Genetic engineering claims

Claims that a fresh fruit or vegetable is or is not a product of genetic engineering may be made if it meets certain criteria. Refer to Voluntary labelling and advertising of foods that are and are not products of genetic engineering for more information.

"Free of pesticides residues" claims

The use of the claim "free of pesticides residues" on fresh fruits and vegetables may be considered misleading and is subject to subsection 5(1) of the Food and Drugs Act and subsection 6(1) of the Safe Food for Canadians Act. These legislations prohibit claims that may create an erroneous impression regarding the character, value, quantity, composition, merit or safety of the product.

Growing practices (soil, hydroponic or greenhouse) for fruits and vegetables may involve direct, indirect use of or exposure to pesticide or pest control product. For example, fresh produce may be exposed to residue of pesticides present in soil and/or water from background contamination, chemical drift or runoffs. Considering the possibility that pesticides can remain or move in the environment before crop emergence, claim such as "free of pesticide residues" may be considered misleading.

It is the responsibility of the regulated party to demonstrate that their product is free of pesticides residues when such claims are made.

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