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Labelling requirements for meat and poultry products
Nutrition labelling – Meat and poultry products

Exemptions from nutrition labelling

Some meat products (for example, raw single ingredient meats, meat by-products, poultry meats or poultry meat by-products) are usually exempt from declaring a Nutrition Facts table (NFt) under subparagraph B.01.401(2)(b)(iii) of the Food and Drug Regulations (FDR).

However, some meat products (for example, ground meat, ground meat by-products, ground poultry meat or ground poultry meat by-products) always lose the exemption and are required to carry an NFt [B.01.401(3)(d), FDR]. For more information, please refer to Reasons for losing the exemption.

Disclaimer on retail store signs

A disclaimer such as "subject to change with various suppliers" is not acceptable on retail store signs to qualify nutrition information covering a variety of meats on display. The retailer is responsible for providing accurate information concerning the product as sold and cannot be relieved of this responsibility by using a disclaimer.

Fat trim and skin

For meat and poultry, the fat trim and skin are considered part of the edible portion of the food if present when sold; therefore, they are counted toward the values in the NFt. The bone is not counted toward the values in the NFt.

Available display surface for bacon board packages

The available display surface (ADS) in the case of bacon board packages is the total surface of the package, excluding the space occupied by the UPC symbol, the package seams, and a surface equivalent to the length of the package by the width of a strip of bacon, so that the customer is able to see the bacon. The space equivalent to the length of the package by the width of a strip of bacon is only excluded in the calculation of the ADS if indeed the package has such a window to display the bacon. Refer to the Calculation methods for different packaging types for more information.

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