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Labelling requirements for alcoholic beverages
Nutrition labelling – Alcoholic beverages

Beverages with an alcohol content of more than 0.5% are usually exempt from carrying a Nutrition Facts table [B.01.401(2)(b)(i), FDR].

This exemption may be lost in certain situations, for example when a nutrient content claim is made or when an unstandardized alcoholic beverage contains added sucralose, aspartame or acesulfame-potassium. For more information, refer to Reasons for losing the exemption. Alcoholic beverages with added sweeteners are also required to meet the labelling requirements for these artificial sweeteners.

The alcohol by volume declaration is not considered to be a nutrient content claim and therefore does not trigger nutrition labelling [B.01.502(2)(j), FDR].

For more information refer to Nutrition labelling.

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