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Labelling requirements for alcoholic beverages

Close proximity

Close proximity means, with reference to the common name, immediately adjacent to the common name without any intervening printed, written or graphic matter [B.01.001(1), FDR].

Flavoured purified alcohol

Flavoured purified alcohol means an alcoholic beverage:

  • a) that is obtained from an alcohol base that has been purified during the course of manufacturing through a process other than distillation and from which most of the naturally occurring substances other than alcohol and water have been removed, and
  • b) to which has been added during the course of manufacture any substance or any combination of substances that imparts taste

Flavouring preparation

Flavouring preparation includes any food for which a standard is provided in Division 10 of the FDR [B.01.001(1), FDR].

Material of agricultural origin

Material of agricultural origin is defined as food ingredients from an agricultural source such as, but not limited to: fruit, vegetables, grain, honey or dairy products.

Other botanical substances

The term "other botanical substances" as used in Division 2 of the FDR does not include flavour preparations.

Residual sugars

Residual sugars, as defined in the FDR, are sugars that are still present in beer after the fermentation process has been completed.


An alcoholic beverage that meets the standard set out in section B.02.100 of the FDR [1, SFCR].

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