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Food products that require a label
Non-prepackaged foods that require a label

In addition to prepackaged foods, some non-prepackaged foods are required to carry a label [B.01.003(1)(b) to (f), FDR]. As the definition of label includes words belonging to or accompanying a food, the labels of non-prepackaged foods may be on a tag or sign accompanying the food, and not necessarily placed on the product itself. Since the majority of mandatory labelling requirements only apply to prepackaged foods, the labelling requirements for these foods are limited.

The list below identifies the non-prepackaged foods that require a label and associated labelling requirements:

Meat products that are non-prepackaged when traded interprovincially or internationally must also be labelled with the following [282, 283, 297, SFCR]:

For more information on meat products labelling, including poultry-specific requirements, refer to Meat and poultry products.

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