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Labelling requirements for infant foods, infant formula and human milk
Human milk

Human milk is considered to be an unstandardized food, subject to the same safety, compositional and labelling requirements as other unstandardized foods. If sold or distributed in prepackaged form, human milk is subject to the same labelling requirements as for all consumer prepackaged (definition) foods. This includes net quantity, common name, name and principal place of business of the responsible party, storage instructions and durable life date (if applicable).

Consumer prepackaged foods that are distributed for no consideration (such as free samples distributed without exchange of money or other compensation), e.g., breast milk samples given to premature babies in hospitals, are exempt from certain labelling requirements under the SFCR, such as net quantity declarations [299, SFCR]. For more information, refer to Exemptions from the Safe Food for Canadians Act and Regulations on the Food Products that Require a Label page.

Common name for human milk

The terms "Human Milk / Lait maternel" are acceptable common names for the product in each official language. "Donor Human Milk / Lait maternel de donneuse" may also be used to further clarify its description in the common name.

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