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Labelling requirements for honey
Voluntary claims and statements

Manuka honey

Some manuka honey is sold with statements such as: 15+ NPA (Non-Peroxide Activity), UMF 20+ (Unique Manuka Factor activity) or Bioactive 100+.

The health claims presented on honey in this example when used on their own refer to antibacterial properties and are considered as implied health claims suggesting disease risk reduction benefit, and in some cases, as therapeutic claims. For more information, refer to Health Claims.

However, with accompanying information, certain claims may be acceptable. For example, the statement Bioactive 100+ in conjunction with a quantitative statement about methylglyoxal could be acceptable.

Quantitative statements on non-nutrients

Quantitative statements on non-nutrients such as hydrogen peroxide are allowed on food labels or in advertising.

Refer to Quantitative Statements for additional information.

Raw honey

Honey can be considered as "raw" when it has not undergone any treatment or process such as heat treatment (other than minimal heating used for the purpose of extraction) or filtering.

To avoid being misleading, specific information which clarifies the meaning of the term "raw" may accompany the claim, such as "unfiltered".

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