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Labelling requirements for fresh fruits and vegetables
Nutrition labelling - fresh fruits or vegetables

Fresh fruits or vegetables without any added ingredients, including some food additives, are always exempt from displaying a Nutrition Facts table. This exemption also applies to oranges with added food colour, and fresh fruits or vegetables coated with mineral oil, paraffin wax, petrolatum or any other protective coating [B.01.401(2)(c)(i), FDR]. This category also includes fresh herbs, sprouts and fresh fruits or vegetables that are minimally processed (e.g., washed and peeled, cut-up, shredded, etc.), including mixtures of fresh fruits or vegetables such as bagged mixed salad and coleslaw (without dressing, croutons, bacon bits, etc.).

Voluntary display of the nutrition information is permitted, provided the content and format meet the requirements in the FDR. Only the Canadian Nutrition Facts table may be used to provide nutrition information in Canada. Nutrition labelling systems from other countries are not acceptable. For more information, refer to Nutrition Labelling.

Prepackaged products, including fresh fruits or vegetables, that are intended solely for use as ingredients in the manufacture of other prepackaged products intended for sale to a consumer at the retail level or as ingredients in the preparation of food by a commercial or industrial enterprise or an institution are not required to display a Nutrition Facts table. They must however be accompanied by written nutrition information when delivered to the purchaser [B.01.404, FDR].

For more information, refer to Food for Use in Manufacturing Other Foods.

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