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Labelling requirements for fish and fish products
Country of origin - fish and fish products

For prepackaged fish (definition) imported into Canada, the name of the country of origin must be clearly identified on the label [266, SFCR]. The wording "Product of" / "produit de" is recommended to help clearly identify the name of the country of origin.

For imported prepackaged fish, the country of origin is the country where the last substantial transformation occurred.

For domestic products, a country of origin declaration is not required but may be provided voluntarily. In contrast to other fish, Canadian prepackaged whitefish (definition) must bear the name of the lake and province from which the fish originate [267, SFCR].

The above information must be shown on any part of the label other than solely on the bottom of the container, and for consumer prepackaged fish, in characters of at least 1.6 mm (1/16 inch) in height [210, 245(2) and (3), SFCR].

The geographic location where fish (other than whitefish) have been harvested may be added to the common name, optionally.


In the SFCR, country of origin is referred to as foreign state (definition) of origin.

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