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Labelling requirements for fish and fish products
Net quantity - fish and fish products

For most consumer prepackaged (definition) fish products, a net quantity declaration is required on the principal display panel in metric units [221, 232, SFCR].

For prepackaged other than consumer prepackaged fish, a net quantity declaration is required and can be expressed either in metric or in Canadian units [243, 262(1)(k), SFCR].

If properly labelled prepackaged fish is placed inside a second container and the resulting product is prepackaged fish, other than consumer prepackaged fish, the second container is not required to be labelled with the declaration of net quantity [263, SFCR].

The net quantity declaration of prepackaged fish products must be shown by volume, weight or numerical count in accordance with the document incorporated by reference, Units of Measurement for the Net Quantity Declaration of Certain Foods [231, 244, SFCR].

The words "net weight" or "drained weight" can be used only on fish products that contain only edible parts. If the product also contains inedible parts such as shells, the word "weight" alone must be used.

Weight declarations such as "made from X lb" (e.g. for peeled shrimp) or "net weight when packed" (e.g. live mussels) are unacceptable.

Shrimp cocktail

Shrimp cocktail must always have its net quantity declared in units of weight. The declaration must be accompanied by either a statement indicating the total weight of the shrimp inside the container or by an indication of the percentage of the weight of the shrimp in the edible contents of the container [4, Units of Measurement for the Net Quantity Declaration of Certain Foods].


Consumer prepackaged oysters that are sold in the shell, other than those in hermetically sealed packages, may declare their net quantity by bushels or pecks, if shown by volume [237(2), SFCR].


When mackerel or mackerel fillets in hermetically sealed containers are prepared without adding water, brine or vinegar solution, the drained weight of the product must be specified on the label if the drained weight corresponds to less than 80% of the net quantity [262(2), SFCR].

Fish in hermetically sealed containers

The net quantity declaration must appear on the principal display panel anytime a prepackaged fish is packaged in a hermetically sealed and commercially sterile container (e.g., canned fish) [265, SFCR].

For additional details, refer to Net Quantity.

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