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Date markings and storage instructions on food labels

Durable life

Durable life means the period, commencing on the day on which a prepackaged product is packaged for retail sale, during which the product, when it is stored under conditions appropriate to that product, will retain, without any appreciable deterioration, its normal wholesomeness, palatability, nutritional value and any other qualities claimed for it by the manufacturer [B.01.001, FDR].

Durable life date

Durable life date means the date on which the durable life of a prepackaged product ends [B.01.001, FDR].

Hermetically sealed container

Hermetically sealed containers mean containers that are designed and intended to be secure against the entry of microorganisms including spores. Food and beverage cans are examples of hermetically sealed containers, and they have three hermetic seals (one along the side seam and the others at the top and bottom ends of the can) [B.27.001, FDR].

Low acid foods

Low-acid foods are foods that have a pH of 4.6 or higher [B.27.001, FDR].

Packaging date

Packaging date means:

  • the date a food is placed for the first time in a package in which it will be offered for sale to a consumer, or
  • the date a prepackaged product is weighed by a retailer in a package in which it will be offered for sale for the first time to a consumer [B.01.007(1), FDR]
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