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Labelling requirements for dairy products
List of ingredients: dairy products

The same list of ingredients requirements and exemptions that apply to all foods also apply to dairy products. For example, prepackaged individual portions of dairy products that are served by a restaurant or other commercial enterprise with meals or snacks (for example, single portions of butter) are exempt from the ingredient list requirement [B.01.008(2)(b), FDR]. See prepackaged products that do not require a list of ingredients for more details.

Ingredients must be declared by an appropriate common name in the list of ingredients [B.01.010(2), FDR]. Dairy ingredient common names include the appropriate standardized or unstandardized common names, as well as the collective/class names "milk ingredients" or "modified milk ingredients" [B.01.010(3)(b), FDR]. Refer to collective/class names for ingredients and components under common names in List of ingredients page for more information.

MicroGARD ingredient

MicroGARD is an ingredient produced from the fermentation of either dextrose or skim milk with a standard dairy culture. When MicroGARD is added as an ingredient to a food, the common names "cultured skim milk", "fermented skim milk", "cultured dextrose" or "fermented dextrose", as applicable, must be declared in the list of ingredients of the final food along with the ingredient's components. The word "product" may also form part of the common name in the list of ingredients but it is not required, for example, "cultured skim milk product".

Cultured skim milk should not be included in the class name "modified milk ingredients" provided for by section B.01.010(3)(b), Items 7.1 and 7.2. Additionally, cultured dextrose and cultured skim milk are not considered food additives.

Cultured dextrose and cultured skim milk are mixtures of propionic, butyric and lactic acids and peptides that act as shelf extenders or preservatives. Therefore, it is not acceptable to claim that the final food does not contain preservatives or is not preserved.

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