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Saudi Arabia - Export requirements for meat and poultry products


Due to a developing trade uncertainty with Saudi Arabia, the Government of Canada has been informed that some Canadian companies, including those exporting food and pharmaceutical products, have had their shipments blocked upon arrival in Saudi Arabia. Exporters are strongly encouraged to work closely with Saudi importers prior to shipping to identify potential commercial risk. It is recommended that exporters secure payments before shipping, complete all export documents, and ensure that Saudi importers are able to get the shipment released in Saudi Arabia, at their own risk. Should the exporters experience any issues exporting to Saudi Arabia, or if they have received a notification from a Saudi contact affecting their shipments, please encourage them to reach out to the Trade Commissioner Service within the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh at, and copy the Market Access Secretariat MAS-SAM@AGR.GC.CA.

Eligible/ineligible product



Pre-export approvals by competent authority of importing country


Product specifications

Production controls and inspection requirements

Chemical residue testing

Labelling, packaging and marking requirements

Documentation requirements


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