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Annex C - Correspondence Between CFIA Veterinary Certificates and Zoo-sanitary requirements/Hoja de requisitos zoosanitarios

Note: This table is for information only. The exporter bears full responsibility to ensure that the certification provided by the CFIA (see section is in compliance with the certification requirements appearing on the applicable Hoja de requisitos zoosanitarios (HRZs).

Veterinary certificates corresponding to Mexican zoo sanitary requirements
Veterinary Certification HRZ
Annex A - fresh pork meat, viscera and offal, raw smoked pork meat 024-13-116
Annex B-2 - cooked, pre-cooked and smoked poultry meat 004-13-89
Annex B-3 - poultry pates 004-13-384
Annex D - fresh beef meat 5-13-223
Annex D-1 - trimmings 5-13-924
Annex D-2 - beef offal 5-13-201
Annex D-3 - beef viscera 5-13-222
Annex D-4 - edible tallow 5-13-364
Annex D-5 - beef weasand meat 5-13-1188
Annex D-6 - beef small intestines 5-13-1187
Annex D-7 - beef head meat 5-13-1184
Annex D-8 - beef ground meat 5-13-1186
Annex F - ovine and caprine meat, viscera and offal 098-13-114
Annex G - bison 034-13-965
Annex H - deer meat 010-13-964
Annex I - dry cured hams and pork shoulders 024-13-66
Annex I-1 - dry cured beef and/or pork products in casings 098-13-603
Annex I-2 - heat treated beef, pork and/or poultry meat products 098-13-362
Annex I-3 - bacon
cooked bacon, cooked and smoked bacon
Annex I-4 - pork fat (unprocessed or raw and lard) 024-13-363
Annex I-5 - pork in brine 14-1-449
Annex J - composite food containing meat and bovine gelatin 098-13-241
Annex J-1 - composite food containing meat and porcine gelatin 098-13-241
Annex L - boar meat 024-13-116
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