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Korea (Republic of) - Export requirements for milk and dairy products

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  1. Eligible/ineligible product
  2. Pre-export approvals by the competent authority of the importing country
  3. Production Controls and Inspection Requirements
  4. Labelling, packaging and marking requirements
  5. Documentation requirements
  6. Additional information

Canada has a negotiated certificate with the Republic of Korea (KR).

1. Eligible/ineligible product

The list of products below is for reference only. It is the responsibility of the exporter to ensure that the product being exported will be covered by the negotiated certificate.


Example of dairy products


2. Pre-export approvals by competent authority of importing country


3. Production controls and inspection requirements

4. Labelling, packaging and marking requirements

5. Documentation requirements


Note: An Annex of the certificate CFIA/ACIA 5911 covering the product details part of the export health certificate can be used if necessary.

6. Additional information

Annex 1 - DY-KR

Information required for completion of Part I: Identification of the products of the health certificate for dairy products exported to the Republic of Korea from Canada (CFIA/ACIA 5911)

Identification of the products

General information

Product information

Details of products

Processing plant Name of product Lot number Date of production (processing) Shelf life Number of packages Net weight (kg)
Est. No Name Address - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - -

The statements below must be met in order to issue the export certificate.

  1. Milk collection, manufacture, processing, packing, distribution, handling and storage of the exported dairy products have been performed in compliance with sanitary regulations on dairy products. These products have been handled and shipped to the Republic of Korea in a manner avoiding re-contamination.
  2. The exported dairy products were manufactured with raw materials sourced from clinically healthy animals and are suitable for human consumption.
  3. The exported dairy products comply with the relevant criteria of standards and specifications regarding food processing in the Republic of KoreaFootnote 1 on chemical residues (antimicrobial agents, agricultural chemicals, hormones, heavy metals and radioactive materials) and pathogenic microorganisms (Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium perfringens, Listeria monocytogenes, Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli and others) that cause public health risks.
  4. Containers or packaging materials for the exported dairy products comply with the applicable sanitary requirements and they are made of materials that are clean and harmless to humans and sterilized products are placed in air tight containers or packages.
  5. The exported dairy products are suitably labelled to show the product name, manufacturer and date of manufacture (or sell-by date).
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