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Kazakhstan - Export requirements for meat and poultry products


Unless indicated otherwise in this section, the import requirements for meat products are the same as the Russian requirements (see Russia – Export requirements for meat and poultry products)

1. Eligible/ineligible product


2. Pre-export approvals

a) Establishments

b) Import permit

3. Product specifications, production controls and inspection requirements

Ready-to-eat processed meat products

4. Documentation


Note: when ordering blank certificates, order form CFIA / ACIA 5621. Once completed and printed, CFIA / ACIA 5938 will appear at the bottom. Page 1 of certificate 5938 must be printed on special certificate paper (CFIA / ACIA 5621). The certificate paper has the CFIA logo and certain security features printed on it. On the back of the paper is a serial number which is to be input into the box labelled 1.5 of the CFIA/ACIA 5938 certificate, prior to printing.

Only page 1 of this certificate should be printed on the certificate paper. The remaining 2 pages should be printed on a sheet of plain white paper (preferably double sided if the printer allows it). Do not use a second page of certificate paper as the shipment must have only 1 associated certificate number.

A French translation of CFIA/ACIA 5938 is available for information only in Annex C of the Export Library.

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