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Japan – Export requirements for meat and poultry products


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Eligible/ineligible product



Pre-export approvals by competent authority of importing country


Beef producing establishments

Establishments preparing meat products in casings destined to Japan

Establishments exporting natural casings to Japan

Production controls and inspection requirements

Imported meat products


Meat products from the United States

Meat products from other countries

Beef products (Canadian)

Poultry meat

Rabbit meat

Natural casings

Pig uteri

Cured meat products

Raw meat

Curing methods and procedures

Smoking and/or drying

Finished products

Preservatives in processed meat products


The sale of a preserved meat product containing sorbic acid or potassium sorbate or both is prohibited in Canada.

Processed meat products

Organs and tissues

Personal consignments of non-ruminant meat products

Labelling, marking and packaging requirements

Documentation requirements



  • The information to be entered in the box "date of inspection" is the date of final inspection of export consignment prior to shipping.
  • When imported meat is used in the production of meat products destined to Japan, a copy of the official meat inspection certificate covering imported products must be attached to the export certificate presented for signature. In addition, in the box "number, name and address of the slaughter plant" of forms CFIA/ACIA 1482 or 4367 as applicable, the following sentence should be included:

    "Meat imported from (name of the country) under certificate no.: (indicate certificate number) attached."

  • In the case that the space in the box "number, name and address of the slaughter plant" is not sufficient to take all the required information, it should be provided on a separate CFIA letterhead paper bearing the words "addendum to certificate no." (indicate certificate number). This addendum must be signed by the veterinarian who signed the export certificates.
  • Copies of all documents must be kept on file by the inspector who delivered the certificate.
  • The name and location address of the establishments indicated on all official CFIA forms must exactly reflect the list of federally registered meat establishments and their licensed operators.
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