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Jamaica - Export requirements for fish and seafood

Eligible/Ineligible product


Labelling, packaging and marking requirements

Product specifications

Maximum levels for radioactivity content
Element Applicable Fish Products Maximum level permitted in Bq/kg
Cesium All fish and seafood 150
Strontium All fish and seafood 150
Iodine 131 All fish and seafood 40

Documentation requirements


  1. For all fish and seafood products:
    • Certificate of Inspection, Content (FP 1408)

      The following statements/information must be included on the certificate:

      • Statement of radioactivity indicating the above maximum levels
    • Certificate of Origin and Hygiene (CFIA/ACIA 5003)

      The following statements/information must be included on the certificate:

      • Latin name of product
      • Harvest location of product if wild caught
      • "Products were processed, packaged, stored and shipped under sanitary conditions in compliance with the Government of Canada's Safe Food for Canadians Regulations and internationally-approved food safety standards (e.g. Codex Alimentarius)."
      • "The fish products do not contain additives, colours, hormones, antibiotics or radioactive contaminants at levels that are harmful to human health."
      • "The fish was not treated with chlortetracycline during processing."
      • "These products are fit for human consumption and permitted for sale in Canada."
      • "Incidents of Vibrio cholerae have not been reported in Canada, therefore Canada does not routinely analyze for this organism."

Other information

Further information on export requirements can be obtained from the The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF):

4 St. Lucia Avenue,
Kingston 5, Jamaica

Telephone: 876-968-7116
Fax: 876-960-7422
E-mail: ("Attention: Permanent Secretary, MICAF")

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