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Israel - Export requirements for milk and dairy products

The Canadian standard dairy health certificate has been accepted by Israel (IS).

1. Eligible/ineligible product



2. Pre-export approvals by competent authority of importing country

There is no pre–export approval for the establishments. However, since the dairy products are considered sensitive foods, an import permit may be required. The information below (the list is non–exhaustive) may be requested by the foreign competent authority (FCA).

It is recommended that the manufacturer/exporter works closely with importer.

3. Production controls and inspection requirements

The inspector must verify during a preventive control inspection that the establishment is aware of the dairy standards and requirements of Israel and has a specific export procedure in place.

4. Labelling, packaging and marking requirements

It is the exporter's responsibility to meet all the requirements for labelling, packaging and marking requirements as per the importing country.

5. Export documents available upon request


6. Additional information

Samples (personal or commercial) of dairy products may be subject to the same requirements as a regular shipment. It is strongly recommended that the exporter verify these requirements with his importer.

Exported dairy products transiting through a country may require transit documentation. It is the responsibility of the exporter to ensure that the shipment will be accompanied by all the necessary certificates. Please work closely with your importer.

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