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Annex V: Request for USDA Exemption Permit Number (Buddhist-Style Poultry)

Establishment Number: space
Name: space
Address: space
Telephone: space
Facsimile: space

We are requesting permission to slaughter poultry space (species) Buddhist-style with head and feet on. This process is in conflict with USDA/PPIA Regulations. We are seeking exemption under the Buddhist dietary laws. We are able to comply with USDA conditions as follows:

  1. Eviscerated poultry with head and feet intact shall be in "ready-to-cook" form. For the purpose of this exemption, "ready-to-cook" means any dressed poultry from which the protruding pinfeathers, vestigial feathers (hair or down as the case may be), crop, oil glands, trachea, esophagus, entrails, reproductive organs and lungs have been removed, and with or without giblets, is ready to cook without need for further processing.
  2. The feet must be scalded, and the toenails removed. Since the hock joint is not to be opened, it is necessary that inspectors observe the hock joint area for any swelling or abnormality that adversely affects product wholesomeness.
  3. The head must be completely defeathered with the mouth and nasal passages thoroughly washed. The trachea and esophagus must be removed.
  4. All poultry individually packaged for retail trade shall be identified with the official establishment name, address, and plant number. Individual bird identification will not be required for bulk packaged poultry for hotel, restaurant and institutional (HRI) trade channels.
  5. The shipping containers of all poultry and poultry products exempted as specified herein shall bear the plant number, name and address, and the statement: "Eviscerated Poultry/ Slaughtered/ Processed Under CFIA Inspection. USDA Exemption Permit No. 000".
  6. The label must be approved by FSIS Labeling and Program Delivery Division prior to shipping.

Dated: space
Name: space
Signature: space

Declaration of CFIA Inspector:

This is to confirm that only products (Buddhist style poultry) meeting the above requirements will be certified for export to the United States.

Dated: space
Name: space
Signature: space

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