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Annex J: Application to return Canadian products exported to the United States

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Application to return Canadian products exported to the United States of America. Description follows.

Description for image - Application to return Canadian products exported to the USA


In the event a product exported to the USA is refused by the FSIS, the applicant must present a written request to the Import Service Centre authorizing the return of the product to Canada. The request must be presented to the regional Import Service Centre where the product will arrive in Canada.

The Application to Return Canadian Products Exported to the USA has the following fields to fill out:

Part 1. Applicant

  1. Name of Applicant:
  2. We, the exporter as listed on the CFIA/ACIA 5733, hereby request permission to bring back into Canada the following product:
    • Manufacturing establishment (number and name)
    • Product description
    • Weight
    • Number of cartons
    • Number of export Certificate CFIA/ACIA 5733
    • Location of product
    • Refused entry or Voluntary return
    • Reason for return
  3. We are attaching applicable official documents CFIA/ACIA 5733, FSIS form 9840-3 or 9135-3 with FSIS statement (Delete the mention(s) that are not applicable)
  4. Product to be returned and inspected by the CFIA at:
    • establishment number and name
    • address
    • transport company
    • seal number on trailer
    • projected date and time of arrival at port of landing
  5. Firm's representative:
    • name
    • signature
    • date
    • telephone number
    • fax number
    • email address

Part 2. CFIA

  1. Permission granted by:
  2. Date and email address:
  3. Permission given to proceed to inspection destination:
  4. Other conditions:
Date modified: