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Annex E: Compliance guideline for poultry abattoirs operating under the Modernized Poultry Inspection Program (MPIP)

1. Special requirements applicable to establishments operating under the Modernized Poultry Inspection Program (MPIP)

Operators wishing to process meat products eligible for export to the United States shall provide the VIC with a written request, as required by section 128 (3) of the Meat Inspection Fees Order, for an additional on-line carcass inspection station. Each evisceration line processing product for the United States requires one (1) on-line carcass inspection station staffed by CFIA inspectors. The applicable rate is fixed at $24,657 per station per year. Operators shall specify whether they wish to have the additional export station located either upstream after evisceration and viscera defect detection or downstream at the end of the evisceration line as follows:

Option 1, Upstream scenario

The inspection station shall be positioned after evisceration and viscera defect detection but before the helper/trimmer such that the inspector can inspect each carcass, and if indicated, its corresponding viscera. The CFIA export inspector shall inspect each carcass exterior. If any carcass is signalled for removal by the helper/trimmer, the corresponding viscera shall also be removed from the evisceration line.

Option 2, Downstream scenario

A station shall be installed at the end of the evisceration line at or near the Carcass Dressing Standards (CDS) location. The specific location shall be located between the inside/outside carcass washer and the carcass chiller. Each carcass shall be presented to the CFIA on-line export carcass inspector with the back facing the inspector. The inspector shall inspect each carcass (exterior) for processing and pathology defects.

Carcasses with visible faecal contamination or affected with suspect Septicaemia/Toxaemia shall be identified for removal from the evisceration line.

The operator shall provide a method for such identified carcasses to be removed from the evisceration line. Corrective action shall be as specified by the operator's HACCP system and as included in the CDS program. The corresponding viscera shall be condemned for each carcass condemned for Septicaemia/Toxaemia by the veterinarian. The operator shall have a written procedure, signed off by the VIC, and which assures that the viscera is segregated and condemned from each carcass condemned for pathology. All viscera in contact with the viscera from the carcass condemned for pathology shall also be condemned. The export carcass inspector shall inform the CFIA Evisceration Floor Inspector (EFI) of any localized carcass defects.

2. Inspection of carcasses removed from the evisceration line

Sec. 455 of the Poultry Products Inspection Act stipulates that each poultry carcass must receive a post mortem inspection by a government inspector – including those removed from the evisceration line for off-line salvage and reprocessing/reconditioning.

The operator will determine where such carcasses are capable of being re-hung on the main evisceration line or may propose, (to the VIC), an alternative method to hanging carcasses back on the line as long as it does not affect the efficiency of CFIA verification activities. The operator shall ensure that each reworked carcass is inspected by the on-line export CFIA carcass inspector by re-hanging such carcasses on the main evisceration line unless an alternate procedure is proposed in the plant's HACCP and Process Control Plan and accepted by the VIC. Furthermore, after salvaging, the operator shall present for CFIA inspection, at a specified location, all edible parts that are not able to be re-hung on the main evisceration line.

The CFIA will inspect each carcass that is moved to off-line salvage or reprocessing / reconditioning and will verify, to the extent necessary, salvage and reprocessing / reconditioning process control.

Alternatively, the operator may write and implement a protocol, accepted by the VIC, to segregate and control all carcasses and/or product from savaging or off-line reprocessing / reconditioning operations such that the segregated poultry products are not exported to the USA.

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