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Request for Export Certification to the EU – TRACES NT – Fish and Seafood

Submit to local Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) office

Part A

Request date:

Date of export:

(Part A) - CFIA use by Inspector

Complete if forwarded to Veterinary Inspector:

Inspector signature and date:

Part B

I, the undersigned, declare that following conditions have been met or arrangements have been made:


If exporting aquaculture animals, they originate from an aquaculture establishment that

  1. Is in a Province or territory which listed as meeting the requirements below, or
  2. I have verified that the aquaculture establishment from which I obtained the animals to be exported has a valid aquaculture license issued by the Province territory or Fisheries and Oceans Canada and has records of the following:
  1. (i) the species, categories and number of aquaculture animals on the aquaculture establishment
  2. (ii) movements of aquatic animals into, and aquaculture animals out of, the establishment
  3. (iii) mortality in the establishment

Not applicable (exporting wild species)


Not applicable (exporting wild species)


The live wild or cultured aquatic animals or their dead products are to be shipped directly from the establishment of export to the European Union



If exporting live animals in water, arrangements have been made that the water in which they are transported is not changed in a third country or territory, zone or compartment which is not approved for entry of the particular species and category of aquatic animals into the European Union;

Not applicable (if not transported in water)


Not applicable (for dead products)


For live aquatic animals, arrangements have been made that from the time of loading at the establishment of origin until the time of arrival in the European Union, the animals in the consignment are not transported in the same water or for container or well-boat together with aquatic animals which are of a lower health status or which are not intended for entry into the European Union

Not applicable (when exporting dead products)


Not applicable (when exporting dead products or live products which are not transported in water.)

II.2.7. / II.2.7.1.

Arrangements have been made to identify and label the means of transport or containers with a legible and visible label on the exterior of the container or an entry in the ships manifest when transported by well boat which clearly links the consignment to the animal health certificate



(Part B) - CFIA use by Veterinary Inspector

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