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Annex R: The Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) for the Export of Beef to the European Union (EU)
Testing procedures

EU eligible animals slaughtered in EU approved federally registered slaughter establishment will be subjected to a CFIA sampling program to monitor compliance with the EU requirements. Standard sampling program procedures established under the National Chemical Residue Monitoring Program will need to be adhered to. Samples will be taken by CFIA inspection staff and sent for testing to a private laboratory accredited by the Standard Council of Canada as per the instructions contained in the sampling plan. The sampling plan will be updated on a yearly basis or as needed (for example, Approval of a new establishment for export of beef to the EU). The cost of shipping and testing will be the responsibility of the operator of the Federally Registered Establishments. The operator is also responsible to ensure that testing results are forwarded to interested parties as per the instructions contained in the sampling plan in a timely manner.

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