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Annex R: The Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) for the Export of Beef to the European Union (EU)
EU approved federally registered slaughter establishments

The District Veterinarian will maintain a copy of the specific CFIA accepted transfer documentation that each CFIA recognized/certified management system must provide to the EU approved federally registered slaughter establishments. This information will be provided to the Veterinarian in Charge (VIC) of those establishments by the District Veterinarian as required.

The producer identified on CFIA accepted transfer documentation is responsible for providing advanced notice to the management of the EU approved federally registered slaughter establishment when a load of eligible GEP program cattle, intended for export to the EU is to be delivered. Plant management will in turn notify in advance the VIC regarding the date of arrival.

It is the responsibility of the operator of the Federally Registered Establishment to ensure that EU eligible animals arriving at the facility are sourced from a feedlot who's Annual Certificate of Compliance (Annex R-7.1) has not expired or has a valid CFIA recognized/certified management system certificate or equivalent.

The operator of a slaughter or processing establishment must submit a control program that clearly outlines the controls that will be implemented to ensure that all applicable requirements are met and that eligible products can be readily distinguished from non-eligible products at all times. This control program must be found acceptable by the VIC or Inspector in Charge as the case may be, and must include monitoring, verification and record-keeping activities, deviation procedures and be auditable and effective. The approved control program (in reference to section of EU requirements) utilized by the EU approved federally registered slaughter and/or processing establishment must include the points listed below:

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