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Annex R: The Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) for the Export of Beef to the European Union (EU)

Agri-Traçabilité Québec (ATQ)

Agriculture and food traceability service provider in Québec.

Annex R12: On-site assessment report for Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) It is an internal document.

Please contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) district veterinarian for more information.

Approved tag

Means a tag, chip or other indicator approved by the Minister under subsection 173(1) of the Health of Animals Regulations. For the purpose of this program, this can be any tag approved under the National Livestock Identification and Traceability Program such as those allocated by Agri-Traçabilité Québec and Canadian Cattle Identification Agency.

Auction Market

An operation which is enrolled in the program where eligible animals may be bought and sold.

Birth farm

A farm which is eligible to enrol calves into the Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) for the export of beef to the EU.

Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA)

National administrator for the cattle, bison and sheep traceability program.

CFIA Accepted Transfer Documentation

This consists of the Transfer Certificate (Annex R-7) which includes the name and address of the owner and a unique premises identifier as well as a listing of the animals being transferred indicating their approved tag number, alternate ID (as applicable) and a signed producer declaration, or any other form generated by the owner that contains this information; and a valid copy of the Annual Certificate of Compliance (Annex R-7.1). In the case of farms on a recognized/certified management system, the documentation included must provide the same minimal information mentioned above. The District Veterinarian and the designated Canadian Food Inspection Agency Area Program Specialist will maintain the list of documentation required to be presented at slaughter for each recognized/certified management system.

CFIA Accredited Veterinarian

Within this document, any reference to accredited veterinarian means a private practitioner authorized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) under the authority of the Health of Animals Act to perform certain duties and functions in support of the CFIA's National Animal Health Program.

CFIA Approved Veterinarian

Within this document, any reference to Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Approved Veterinarian means a CFIA Accredited Veterinarian who is under special agreement with CFIA to deliver this program.

Eligible animal

An animal which, prior to enrollment, has not changed ownership and responsibility for the control of relevant practices applied in its raising and has not been administered any Growth Enhancing Products and, once enrolled, continues to be managed within the parameters of this program.


An operation which is enrolled in the program and backgrounds or finishes eligible cattle for slaughter.

Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs)

Substances having thyreostatic, oestrogenic, androgenic, gestagenic or beta adrenergic action of which the use is prohibited by the EU. A complete list is available in Annex R-2.

GEP program

The Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) for the export of beef to the EU.

Mixed status (farm, feedlot, or operation)

A farm or feedlot which has a combination of eligible and non-eligible animals or that has or uses Growth Enhancing Products on the premises.

Producer's declaration

A statement appearing on program enrolment forms and Canadian Food Inspection Agency accepted transfer documentation that is signed by a producer, person designated as responsible for that activity or person in charge at an auction market that indicates they understand the objectives and requirements of this program and take responsibility for relevant practices applied to eligible animals while under their control.

Veterinarian in Charge (VIC)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency Veterinarian in Charge of a federally registered establishment.

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